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By donating just £3.50 you could provide a bail of hay.

As well as cash we are also in desperate need of haylage, horse food and accessories.

Please visit our horse appeal page for details.

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News Archive

Here you can find previous news articles and links to documents.

FIDO's Saves the Wedding Day
We supplied 120 boxed glasses from our charity shop FIDO's.

NASSL Helps Victims of House Fire
We helped a Bristol family who fled their burning home, by getting them kitted out with clothes from FIDO's and by temporarily re-homing their pets.

Woodstock School
NASSL continue to provide support and donations to Woodstock School, Henbury.

Jungle Gym
A beautiful scratching post was donated to Fidos charity shop for Isabel at Persian Rescue.

Miller the starved horse
Miller had been severely neglected when he arrived at Trallwm Farm. As well as giving him lots of love, the farm were able to use money from NASSL-SW to provide the vital medical attention he needed, including antibiotic injections, Vitamin B shots, worming and delicing medication. Another young horse was also found abandoned, tied to a tree. Both horses are now doing well.

NASSL provide support for local school
We offered pet food and bedding for the rabbits and chickens and a new chicken house for Woodstock School.

Christmas visitor at This & That
A Sparrow Hawk paid us a visit in our Furniture Charity Store.

New Catteries
Building commenced on 2 new Catteries for NASSL's Welsh charities.

New Stables
We provided some much needed new stables for a Horse Sanctuary in Wales and ran a successful appeal on their behalf, saving 5 horses.

Giant Sting Ray Rescued
NASSL-SW rehomed a giant Sting Ray. He started a new life at the New Aquarium in the centre of Bristol with lots more room to swim around in.

New Charity Shop Opens
Second charity shop 'This & That' opens in Bristol, selling furniture and hardware.

Lesley Wins Evening Post Gold Star Award
Lesley McMahon, Co-ordinator for the South West branch of NASSL has been awarded the Bristol Evening Post Gold Star Award, for her tireless work for the charity.

Veterinary Surgery Open
Vet's surgery opened in Lawrence Weston for the local residents at our charity shop FIDO's.

Yeovil Branch Closure
Closure of Yeovil Branch of NASSL, due to Jo's retirement. Thanks for all you did Jo.

FIDO's Charity Shop
FIDO's Charity Shop opened in Lawrence Weston Bristol for our charity.

First rescue dog Olley passes away, his owner Joyce followed him in 2009 (his name & work will live on).

Radio Appeal
BBC Radio Wales appeal for help for our work throughout Wales.

Born Free Federation
Liased with the Born Free Federation with the help of holiday makers to rescue misuse of animals abroad.

British Army
Called out the British Army to a rescue in Wales hit by flash floods .

Mrs Ghandi
Represented Bristol by meeting Mrs Ghandi for Ashima Day at St Mary on the Quay church.

Baghdad Zoo Rescue
Helped publicise the fate of zoo animals in Baghdad by e-mail. American troops came to the rescue.

Battery Chicken Rescue
10,000 chickens rescued from becoming soup.

Pet Food Bins
Food bins out at stores across Bristol.

HTV's Year of Promise
Our placque of promise to devote our lives to the animals of Wales began with a placque erected in Wales.

First Dog Rescue
First dog rescued from Wales (Olley) was re-homed with a Mrs Freestone in Bristol. The Olley Foundation of Wales was born.

Yeovil Branch Opened
Jo opened Yeovil branch of NASSL.

N.A.S.S.L. is founded in Bristol (Bristol Branch) 31st March 1999.
Due to small advert in the Bristol Evening Post asking for someone in the Bristol Area to send lists for 3 months to a charity in County Durham called NASSL. This was the beginning.

First Job
Again, a piece in the Evening Post from a lady who had spent her life savings trying to save her dog from a long illness. Despite her efforts, which were in vain, she begged the money to have her dog put down from friends & neighbours. I contacted NASSL in Durham & they sent her a cheque to cover her costs.

Our life's work had begun.

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